My Hero Academia Artist Goes Wild with Mirko in Beachy New Sketch

Mirko hasn't been a big part of the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, but she did make an [...]

Mirko hasn't been a big part of the fifth season of My Hero Academia's anime, but she did make an appearance in the earliest episodes of the latest saga, saving Endeavor and Hawks from the nefarious Dabi who was looking to burn them to a crisp. While the rabbit hero might not have a big role to play in the Shonen series' latest season, expect some major screen time for Mirko in the sixth season when the War Arc comes into focus, with the assistant to creator Kohei Horikoshi sharing a new take on the high kicking crime fighter.

The current storyline of My Hero Academia in the Endeavor Agency Arc features some of the top crime fighters in the world, taking a number of young heroes under their wings in order to prepare them for the world along with the plan that is being set into motion by both the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army. While Mirko herself isn't shown teaching any of the students of Class 1-A, she has earned her place as one of the top heroes in the world and was crowned as one of the top ten during the final episodes of the fourth season.

Yoshinori shared this steamy beach sketch for Mirko the Rabbit Hero who has become a fan favorite long before she debuted in the anime, with the top crime fighter giving her all against the Nomu of the League of Villains in the War Arc that has played out in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga:

The Endeavor Agency Arc is only a few episodes from coming to a close in My Hero Academia's anime, giving way to the Meta Liberation Army Arc which will see the League of Villains taking the spotlight and facing down a new threat that exists outside of the world of heroes. While the War Arc won't be taking place during this current season, the seeds are being planted and season six will be one of the biggest stories of the Shonen anime series to date.

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