My Hero Academia Celebrates Passing Big Manga Sales Record

With My Hero Academia turning heads following the finale of its fourth season of the anime, the [...]

With My Hero Academia turning heads following the finale of its fourth season of the anime, the franchise has also managed to tear down the walls when it comes to the number of manga volumes that have been put into publication! As fans know, the anime adapts the stories of the manga which have continued to push forward long after the anime episodes have aired, with Midoriya and company in some terrible predicaments. Needless to say, thanks to the popularity of the franchise, the manga has managed to place 5 million volumes of its series into the world!

The manga for My Hero Academia began from creator Kohei Horikoshi in 2014, following the life of Midoriya and his classmates in UA Academy as they attempt to learn all they can about their quirks in order to become professional heroes. The series has been published by Viz Media, who made the announcement congratulating the Horikoshi creation for its accomplishment as it still remains one of the most popular anime franchises in the world today. Though the likes of One Piece and Demon Slayer still outsell the franchise, it is easily one of the most popular and recognizable anime circulating today.

Viz Media shared the congratulations to My Hero Academia for passing over 5 million copies placed into circulation, proving that the story of Midoriya and All Might has resonated with the anime world and has audiences following the story in both the printed format and beyond:

The fourth season finale featured Endeavor and Hawks, the current number one and two heroes, as they clashed against the League of Villain's "High End Nomu" with the heroes barely pulling out a win. Fans of the manga have a leg up when it comes to knowing just where the franchise is taking many characters such as Midoriya, Shigaraki, the League of Villains, and the students of Class 1-A with the current run of the printed story currently pitting them all against one another in the Paranormal Liberation War. Easily the biggest battle of the franchise, it will be amazing to see it depicted in the anime series as well.

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