My Hero Academia Brings Shoto vs Deku Full Circle with New Callback

My Hero Academia knows how to pull off a callback, and the series has done so time and again. As the manga walks into its final act, fans are sure plenty of threads plucked from earlier in the series will reappear and get tied off as creator Kohei Horikoshi closes his hit series. And now, it seems the latest callback to tackle My Hero Academia has gone live courtesy of the Sports Festival.

The moment came at the start of chapter 352 this week, and My Hero Academia made sure it resonated. The update began with Shoto in a flashback going over his new move with Izuku. It was there fans learned more about the boy's new special, and as Shoto explained how the technique uses both his sides, he had the following to tell his friend.

"Midoriya. Yes, this is my power. Thank you," he shares.

The comment is given with a heartfelt expression, and honestly, it might be the softest My Hero Academia has ever let the boy look. He shares those words with Izuku for good reason, and that is because they harken back to the Sports Festival. After all, it was there Izuku told Shoto his quirk was his own.

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If you will recall, the Sports Festival kicked off Izuku's relationship with Shoto, and it did so with lots of bruising. The two boys spoke with their fists in battle, and after sharing his life story with Izuku, Shoto was given a rude awakening. After refusing to use his fire side, Izuku turned Shoto's world upside down by showing the boy his quirk was not the same one Endeavor wielded. What Shoto did with his fire was all on him, and thanks to that advice, the half-in-half boy was able to create a special move capable of defeating Dabi's vengeful flames. 

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