My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Reveals Release Date For Final Chapter

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, as a spin-off series, helped to take fans through the world outside of the borders of UA Academy, focusing on a number of vigilantes that didn't operate within the law. With the likes of Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster being introduced as the protagonists, it seems that the heroes' journey is about to come to an end as Vigilantes has announced when the final chapter will drop. With the latest installment recently being released, the spin-off is setting the stage for the grand finale.   

While the spin-off series focused on characters like Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckleduster, it also took the opportunity to dive into the past of a number of heroes that were established in the main series, with flashback sequences showing us the early lives of heavy hitters such as Eraserhead, Present Mic, Mirko, Fat Gum, and Midnight to name a few. An anime adaptation has yet to be announced for the side-story though we would have to imagine that at some point in the future, considering the popularity of the Shonen franchise, we'll see Crawler and his friends brought to the small screen.

With the release of the latest chapter of Vigilantes, Chapter 125, the spin-off confirmed that the next chapter releasing on May 28th would be its last, with the recent installment giving us quite a few clues as to where Crawler and many of his friends are headed into the future following their latest major brawl.

The final battle of the series is currently taking place within the main manga, as My Hero Academia also readies itself for its sixth season, set to adapt the story of the War Arc. With there set to be plenty of casualties on both sides of the aisle this fall, with UA Academy set to be on a collision course with the Paranormal Liberation Front, it's a big-time for the series that sprang from the mind of mangaka Kohei Horikoshi.

Are you sad to see Vigilantes wrap up its story? Do you think we'll see Crawler make an appearance in the main series before Kohei Horikoshi brings the tale of UA Academy to a close? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.