My Hero Academia Cosplay Features The Final Form Of Midoriya

My Hero Academia's manga has taken Deku into a decidedly different direction following the insane [...]

My Hero Academia's manga has taken Deku into a decidedly different direction following the insane events of the "War Arc," and one fan has been able to capture the intensity of Midoriya's "final form" that he is currently wearing in his battle against All For One and Lady Nagant. Having a stronger grasp on the Quirk of One For All than we've ever seen to date, Deku is working to make sure that he can fight crime while also darting past the grasp of the League of Villains, as hero society continues to crumble thanks to the villains' efforts.

Midoriya has come a long way in the story of My Hero Academia, with his first year at UA Academy not even finished and him adventuring alongside some of the biggest heroes in this world of super-powered individuals. While One For All took him quite some time to master, it's clear that the latest time-skip has worked wonders in terms of Midoriya mastering his own abilities as he now is in constant contact with the Vestiges of One For All and seemingly has no issue juggling numerous powers that are at his disposal. With Lady Nagant being brought low thanks to a backstab performed by All For One, it's clear that Deku's problems are far from over as the Shonen series enters its "End Game".

Instagram Cosplayer Go Pepi Cosplay shared this inspired take on what might be the final costume Deku ever wears in My Hero Academia, taking on his most decidedly darkest appearance to date as he zooms across the skyline in an attempt to outrun the clutches of All For One and his army of villains:

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While the latest story arc has been touted as the final chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Kohei Horikoshi has yet to reveal an exact end date, or when fans might expect the popular franchise to come to a close. Considering the odds that are being staked against Deku and his friends, we imagine that the story of UA Academy will eventually end with quite the bang.

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