My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Proves All For One is the Ultimate Troll

My Hero Academia proves All For One is the ultimate troll with the cliffhanger from the newest [...]

My Hero Academia proves All For One is the ultimate troll with the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the series! The Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series has taken a new turn as Izuku Midoriya has successfully fended off against the first mercenary that All For One had sent after him. He had been preparing his use of One For All for such an occasion, and while he's fairly confident in his own skills (and All For One's lack of ability to steal the power so soon), it's clear with the newest chapter how out of his depth that Midoriya really is.

With Midoriya officially ending his fight against All For One's first hired gun, the hero turned villain Lady Nagant, he turns his attention to the main villain after Nagant gives him some crucial info about All For One's whereabouts. But it's soon revealed with the end of the chapter that this was all an elaborate trolling toward Midoriya that All For One had set in place with the assumption that Midoriya would be able to escape that first assassin.

My Hero Academia Manga 316 Spoilers All For One All Might Deku Trolling
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Chapter 316 of the series sees Nagant tell Midoriya that she was tasked with bringing him to a mansion in Haibori Woods within two months. With this in mind, Midoriya and a few pro heroes head to the mansion (which is apparently the former hideout of the Creature Rejection Clan, an old terrorist group) and he soon gets a video message from All For One. He taunts Midoriya about how the path Midoriya's on is a dangerous one, and notes how Midoriya's become his main target.

But his real troll comes soon after. When declaring that he's no longer focusing on All Might, All For One points at Midoriya and states that now it's his turn. Much like All Might did when he officially retired following his fight against All For One and passed down the legacy to Midoriya once and for all, All For One has taken this and twisted the ideal to now mean that Midoriya has a huge target on his back.

All For One has trolled Midoriya before as it further shows how his mentality is really just the chaotic parallel of the heroic ideals of someone like All Might. Like Midoriya, he wants to use his power to unite the world and save it. But in his mind, the power coursing through his and Midoriya's veins is the only way to do so. It's part of the fun of this fight overall for him, and he's so confident in his victory that he's willing to go this far.

At the same time, it's hilariously petty as he also reveals that he's been thinking about Midoriya constantly since going to prison. This troll must have been something he thought of in that span, and was just waiting to hit Midoriya with it. But what do you think of All For One saying "It's your turn!" to Midoriya? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!