My Hero Academia Episode 100 Summoned a Special Streaming Bonus

The 100th episode dived into the aftermath of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, with Class 1-A not [...]

The 100th episode dived into the aftermath of the Joint Training Exercise Arc, with Class 1-A not only celebrating their victory in their battles against 1-B, but also the big achievement by both Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki in gaining their provisional hero licenses. With this milestone installment, it seems as if the anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi's work has become one of the most-streamed series in North America, even above some of the other popular television programs that have taken the West by storm over the years such as Saturday Night Live and Game of Thrones.

My Hero Academia fans are waiting for the next big story arc in the series which decides to move away from the current activities of the heroes and instead place the spotlight squarely on the villains, with the Meta Liberation Army Arc, aka "My Villain Academia," set to change the world of UA Academy forever. With Shigaraki and his crew set to battle a threat that exists outside of the world of heroes, fans will have the opportunity to learn more about the origins of some of the major villains including the likes of Twice, Toga, and more. Following this storyline, the camera will switch back to the heroes for the "Endeavor Agency Arc,"

Twitter User MHANews shared the recent breakdown from Parrot Analytics which shows that My Hero Academia is one of the biggest streaming series in the West today, only being beaten by a certain denizen of Bikini Bottom when it comes to the number of overall viewers:

The Joint Training Exercise Arc saw a "friendly" Civil War taking place between the two biggest classes of UA Academy, and while the outcome was definitely a close one, Deku and his friends were able to assert their dominance as the strongest student body. Needless to say, this battle will be seen as peanuts in the face of the upcoming "War Arc" which will pit the heroes against the villains in a fight that will see some serious casualties arise.

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