My Hero Academia Cosplay Captures The Mushroom Maiden, Shemage

The Joint Training Exercise Arc didn't just dive into the current power levels of Class 1-A's [...]

The Joint Training Exercise Arc didn't just dive into the current power levels of Class 1-A's students but also gave fans of the Shonen series the opportunity to learn more about the personalities and powers of Class 1-B, with Shemage showing off the disturbing power of her Quirk. With one fan bringing the "mushroom maiden" of 1-B who took down the shadow warrior in Tokoyami to life via some perfect Cosplay, it's clear that the student of 1-B has figured out how to best make use of a power that might have otherwise seemed useless.

Shemage, aka Kinoko Komori, might seem fairly ridiculous on the surface, with a Quirk that allows her to instantly grow countless mushrooms on both physical objects and living, breathing targets, but it came quite in handy during the latest storyline. 1-B almost was overtaken by Tokoyami during the final moments of their battle, but Shemage was able to grow mushrooms directly in his lungs, causing him to have an unstoppable coughing fit and completely taking him out of the battle and netting a major win for the rivals of 1-A. While 1-B ultimately lost their battle, it's clear that they each have a bright future ahead of them as crime fighters.

Instagram Cosplayer Stella Chuu shared this spot-on take on Shemage, even going so far as to add a number of tiny mushrooms growing from her fingerprints, who proved to be one of the breakout stars of the Joint Training Exercise Arc thanks to her strange, yet powerful, Quirk:

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The fifth season of My Hero Academia recently brought the story of the Training Exercise Arc to an end, and while the next episode will see Class 1-A celebrating their recent victory with a holiday celebration, it will also act as a precursor to one of the darkest storylines in the Shonen series to date with "My Villain Academia," Following the villains of the series, the arc will have serious ramifications for the world of superheroes and villains, while leading to the insanity of the War Arc which will most likely be unfurling during Season Six.

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