My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Anime's 100th Episode

My Hero Academia has been around for years, and its fanbase has swelled in light of all its [...]

My Hero Academia has been around for years, and its fanbase has swelled in light of all its success. From the manga to the anime, Kohei Horikoshi has wowed fans in just about every way possible. The anime team has worked with Horikoshi so well that they just welcomed the show's 100th episode, and the creator took time to celebrate the big milestone online.

Taking to Twitter, Horikoshi stepped out this past weekend with a sketch as always. The artist likes to hype up new episodes with little sketches, and episode 100 was no different. Horikoshi was able to put the spotlight on Shoto and Katsuki in this shot as the heroes took a lead role in episode 100.

After the sketch went live, Horikoshi hit up fans with a little message thanking them for their support. He went on to tell the entire team "congratulations on the anime's 100th episode" as it is something to celebrate. When it comes to shonen series, a 100-episode order is hard to come by, and only the best shows tend to warrant such support.

Now, My Hero Academia is moving along with season five as its first cour just ended. It is about time for the season to enter its next big story, and that will focus on the League of Villains. The so-called My Villain Academia arc is on its way, and it will make big changes to Shigaraki's group. This will keep the anime spicy until the end of season five, and given how far ahead the manga is right now, fans are expecting My Hero Academia to rack up at least 200 episodes before it ends.

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