My Hero Academia Creator Shares New Art of Ochaco And Nejire

Season Six of My Hero Academia is set to arrive this fall, but the first episode of this upcoming season is set to play this summer at Hero Fes, a major event in Japan celebrating the students of UA Academy. With Kohei Horikoshi currently working diligently on the final arc of the manga series, the mangaka is still taking the opportunity to share new sketches of some of his biggest characters, including the likes of Nejire and Uravity, two of UA's strongest heroines.   

Originally, Uravity, aka Ochaco, got into the aspiring hero business in order to make money for her family, who could definitely use an infusion of cash, but as she grew to fight alongside her fellow classmates in Class 1-A, she began to take on a mindset similar to that of Izuku's in which she realizes that her Quirk must be used for the betterment of mankind. While Nejire might be a few grades higher than Uravity at the moment, holding a major position as one of UA's Big Three, she has been showing Ochaco the ropes in a few different instances, perhaps most notably during the Overhaul Arc which took place in My Hero Academia's fourth season.

Kohei Horikoshi shared this new take on Uravity and Nejire in their school uniforms, as the mangaka continues to draw the "Final Arc" of My Hero Academia that currently has Ochaco fighting alongside Froppy against the blood-drinking villain known as Toga as a part of All For One's final push to destroy Hero Society:

This fall is set to see the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia return with Studio Bones set to adapt the story of the War Arc, the major storyline that sees the professional heroes of hero society, and the aspiring heroes of UA Academy, joining forces to fight against Shigaraki and his newly formed Paranormal Liberation Front. With season five seeing the League of Villains merging with the Meta Liberation Army and gaining the latter's resources thanks to their victory, the War Arc is set to be the biggest battle that Deku and his friends have been a part of to date.

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