My Hero Academia Creator Shares a Surprising Villain Critique

My Hero Academia has quite a few colorful characters that have been introduced to anime fans, not just from the good side of the aisle, but with plenty of villains having colorful appearances and backstories that have made them fan favorites over the years. Surprisingly, creator Kohei Horikoshi shared with fans one of the lowest moments of the Shonen manga and how the antagonists of UA Academy helped usher in said moment in a way that many fans might find shocking considering the current events of the series.      

During the latest stage play that adapted the story arcs of My Hero Academia, The Ultra Stage – A Symbol of Peace saw creator Kohei Horikoshi shared some comments with fans to help celebrate the arrival of the adaption of the "Summer Training Camp Arc" and how it was surprisingly a low-point for the series:

"Up until the Summer Training Camp, the series had a pretty steady amount of popularity, but the moment I hinted that there were villains coming – crash! The popularity suddenly dropped. Sorry for talking about this, but I guess people didn't want them there. I already planned the storyline and I couldn't just have the villain leave without doing anything. I decided to cut short some of the things I was planning to do during the Summer Training Camp and hurried to the next battle."

It seems that the view on the villains has changed as of late, with the My Villain Academia Arc being considered by many fans of the series to be one of the best of the Shonen franchise to date. As the final arc of the manga sees All For One and his scores of villains, young and old, attempting to bring down hero society to form a world where the strong rule over the weak, it will be interesting to see what fate has in store for some of the major villains of the franchise and if Horikoshi truly is done with this world of superheroes when this last battle draws to a close. 

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Via Reddit