My Hero Academia Creator Shares His Latest Manga Recommendation

My Hero Academia is ruling manga sales in the United States, and Kohei Horikoshi has become a [...]

My Hero Academia is ruling manga sales in the United States, and Kohei Horikoshi has become a force of his own in recent years. The artist has never been afraid to use his platform to share some of the best pop culture has to offer, and Horikoshi is doing so again. After all, the artist just recommended a new manga to fans, and there is an interesting story behind the series.

Horikoshi's latest recommendation surfaced on social media this week, and it is none other than a new isekai series. The series itself boasts a rather long name, so don't say we didn't warn you. I Went to Another World and My Sister was Already Reigning as the Demon Lord is a brand-new series penned by Hirofumi Neda... and the title speaks for itself.

The manga has been recommended by none other than Horikoshi, so you can see why interest has piqued in the story. The artist lifted this manga up to fans after Number Nine helped published Kadokawa bring Isekai Sister to physical print. Now, Neda is basking in the limelight brought on by Horikoshi as the My Hero Academia artist called this new series "really cute."

Of course, this special recommendation comes as little surprise given Horikoshi's ties to Neda. The latter has worked with My Hero Academia in the past. Their first-ever series was My Hero Academia Smash, a gag manga that ran for two years. The series was popular with fans, and Neda left the spin-off to tackle Isekai Sister for themselves. Now, Horikoshi is showing his friend some love, and fans are finding Neda's work to be all sorts of adorable.

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