My Hero Academia Season 5 Releases New Poster

My Hero Academia is pushing ahead with its plans for season five, and fans are ready to see what [...]

My Hero Academia is pushing ahead with its plans for season five, and fans are ready to see what it has in store. As you can imagine, the hype is real for the comeback as Izuku left fans on a big cliffhanger with season four. Now, the anime has fans doing flips thanks to a special gift, and it shows some of the heroes fans will want to focus on as season five gets underway.

Over on Twitter, fans began geeking out as My Hero Academia put forward its newest key visual. Season five has released a brand-new poster that highlights our favorites from Class 1-A, but they are not alone. As you can see below, Class 1-B shows up in this visual, and they are all joined by another familiar face.

The visual shows Class 1-A to the right with Izuku leading the charge. From Ochaco to Bakugo and Tokoyami, some of the top heroes-in-training show up in this mural. They are accompanied by Class 1-B as Monama clears a path. There are plenty of never-before-seen students in this mural, but fans will find a familiar face in Kendo.

Of course, you cannot talk about this visual without mentioning the character splitting the classes. It seems like the first arc of season five will bring Hitoshi Shinso back into the picture. The boy made his appearance back during the Sports Festival arc, and he is coming back to prove himself worthy of the Hero Course. The boy is shown in this poster dressed similarly to Aizawa save for his face mask, so fans can start amping themselves up for Hitoshi's return.

Currently, My Hero Academia has plans to debut this spring. Season five is set for a March 27th premiere, and you can catch up on the series through sites like Hulu, Crunchyroll, and Funimation.

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