My Hero Academia Adds More Evidence to Troubling Dabi Theory

My Hero Academia has been stacking the evidence towards a very troubling Dabi theory fans have had about his quirk and body with the newest chapter of the series! Dabi has been one of the most pivotal villains introduced throughout the series, and as the chapters rolled on fans began to theorize about his potential connection to the Todoroki family, the nature of his fire abilities, and more. This all came to a head with his string of massive reveals during the Paranormal Liberation Front War, and now we're starting to see a fully formed Dabi as Kohei Horikoshi continues through the Final Act of the manga.  

Following the confirmation that the ultra heat of his flames have been damaging his body, updates on Dabi's condition during the Final Act of the series had fans worried over the state of the villain as his body has been covered in more and more scar tissue. This unfortunately is the case with the newest chapter of the series that reveals his most physically damaged self yet, and now it's continuing to add to the theory that Dabi is on such a totally self-destructive path towards vengeance that he might just be seeking to end his life in the final war. 

During the Paranormal Front War is was revealed that Dabi's fires were so hot that they could burn straight through thick cable wires. It was teased by Endeavor that the young Dabi's quirk had been harming him from the get go due to the intensity of his flames, so there's no telling how badly he has been damaging himself while using his power at its peak intensity. It's clear by the spread of the scares that he isn't holding back anymore, and it's likely that he no longer cares about his own life as long as he can take out his father. 

Now that Dabi has had his fun, and got his wish of revealing Endeavor's secret to the world during the Paranormal Liberation Front War, he no longer has any real attachment to the final battle between the heroes and villains. He's targeting his father and brother specifically, and doesn't care what that actually could mean for all three of them. Dabi got close to taking out Shoto with a flame attack that harmed himself in the process, and that's was only scratching the surface of the kind of unhinged rage that Dabi is feeling right now. 

That drive for pure destruction is literally burning him from the inside out, and if it continues Dabi could meet a troubling end in the Final Act's big war. But what do you think? What do you think it means that Dabi's scars are spreading across his body so fast? Is that putting a clock on the rest of his time in the series? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!