My Hero Academia Gives Fans a Better Idea of How Hot Dabi's Flames Run

My Hero Academia's newest chapter gave fans a much better idea of just how hot Dabi's flames run. [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter gave fans a much better idea of just how hot Dabi's flames run. Dabi has been at the center of the major war between the heroes and villains after he made a series of public declarations, and now he's also at the center of the heroes' big counterattack as the previous chapter of the series surprisingly brought Best Jeanist back into the fold with the cliffhanger. But as he was tied down with Best Jeanist's quirk, it seems that Dabi's fires run much hotter than fans could have expected.

The newest chapter of the series picks up immediately after Dabi is wrapped by Best Jeanist's carbon fiber cables, and Dabi is furious over the fact that Jeanist is still alive (and therefore sews a seed of doubt into his previous declarations to the world). He's so angry in fact that he burns his fires hot enough to burn completely through the carbon fibers holding him down.

As noted by Caleb Cook, the translator behind Viz Media's official English language release of the series, My Hero Academia: Vigilantes had previously established that the cables Best Jeanist uses to hold down Dabi and Gigantomachia in Chapter 292 of the series are made of carbon fiber. He notes how the melting point for cables like this would be 3,600 degrees celsius, and that means that Dabi's fires are indeed super hot as they seem.

To reflect this in the chapter itself, Horikoshi shows how Dabi's flame even warps the panels around him for a neat fourth wall breaking effect. This most likely explains how Dabi's body is so scared as his fires burn much hotter than his father Endeavor's. This was teased by Endeavor himself as he noted how much stronger his son was, but now we have a clear example of just how hot Dabi can be when he goes all out.

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