My Hero Academia: Why Fans Are Hyped for the Anime's Next Episode

My Hero Academia is making waves with its new season, and it seems the anime has finally made fans go haywire. After its latest episode dropped this weekend, everyone from Deku to Dabi swarmed social media with trending tags. It seems everyone is keeping a close eye on the next episode of season six. So if you don't know why that is, well – you should brace yourself now.

After all, My Hero Academia has confirmed its next episode will be titled "Dabi Dance", and that means a lot to manga readers. Honestly, it should mean a fair bit to anime-only audiences at this point. The teaser for episode ten confirms Dabi is about to drop a big secret on the battlefield, and it has something to do with the Todoroki group.

Dabi's Spotlight

Of course, the anime has prompted a fair number of theories about Dabi, so fans are geeking out over the ordeal. The biggest theory to date suggests Dabi is connected to the Todoroki family from way back when. In fact, season five left many convinced Dabi was secretly Endeavor's son as the situation surrounding Touya's death was suspicious. And of course, Dabi is freaking out fans as episode ten promises to show the villain confronting Japan's number one hero.

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Now for those who have read the manga, they will know "Dabi Dance" even if the name isn't familiar. The next episode of season six is already trending globally as it promises to out his backstory. At long last, fans are going to learn what made Dabi into the anarchist we know, and it is because of his upbringing. Dabi was once Touya Todoroki, and now, the villain is ready to show the world just how unheroic pros can be when the cameras aren't on them.

If you are ready to catch this big episode, "Dabi Dance" will go live this Saturday, and you can catch the episode on either Hulu or Crunchyroll. As for the manga, the series is toeing into its final act, so you can read new chapters each week on the Shonen Jump app.

Are you keeping up with My Hero Academia this season? How hyped are you for Dabi's big episode? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.