My Hero Academia Doubles Down on Dabi's Identity with a DNA Test

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has doubled down on Dabi's true identity with a DNA test. The [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has doubled down on Dabi's true identity with a DNA test. The war between the heroes and the Paranormal Liberation Front is nearing its end, and the fighting has temporarily come to a halt. There is no break from the massive shifts in the status quo, however. Dabi seeks to ruin the idea of their hero society overall (just as his inspiration, Hero Killer Stain, once attempted), and so he revealed a series of skeletons that Endeavor had his closet.

Dabi revealed to the hero world (and fans) that he was in fact the long lost Toya Torodoki, much like fans had suspected for quite a while. But as he's a villain, and therefore inherently untrustworthy, Dabi needed the extra bit of evidence to prove to the world that he's Endeavor's formerly abused son. So Dabi says he has a DNA test to prove it.

Chapter 291 of My Hero Academia sees Endeavor refuting Dabi's claims because the Toya he knew had died in a horrible fire. Although Endeavor always held out hope that Toya was alive, he couldn't believe Dabi was actually him. But Dabi said he'll prove it by happily donating blood or skin for a DNA test. But it's revealed that part of the public broadcast of Dabi's confessions reveals the results of a test he held beforehand.

My Hero Academia Dabi Toya Todoroki True Identity DNA Test Confirmed Spoilers
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Dabi states, "There is a 99.9 percent match between my DNA sample, and a sample of Endeavor's blood from the battle of Kyushu." So when Dabi briefly had a reunion with Endeavor during the Pro Hero arc, it seems he was actually out to claim a blood sample. It then explains why he sent out the High-End Nomu to attack Endeavor and Hawks. It also lines up with his claims that he was trying to raise Endeavor's good will with the people by sending villains after him.

Dabi's been steadily building the pieces toward this reveal, so even if Shigaraki is nearly defeated, the League of Villains might be getting the last laugh. Even if the larger Paranormal Liberation Front organization has taken a loss, the core League of Villains members have had larger victories. It could almost seem like a way to balance the scales following Twice's death. But what do you think?

Does Dabi's mental victory mean the villains came out the winners of this war? Did the heroes do enough damage to the Paranormal Liberation Front and All For One's plans to make them the winners? Could Dabi even be lying about this DNA test? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!