My Hero Academia Should End in One Year, Says Creator

Several years ago, the anime industry was turned upside down when Kohei Horikoshi brought out My Hero Academia to play. The superhero series has gone on to become one of the best series in manga and anime to date. After years in print, My Hero Academia stunned fans when it entered its final phase, and Horikoshi is hoping to wrap the series by 2022. 

The update was shared at Jump Festa 2022 as the event included a full My Hero Academia panel. It was there Horikoshi wrote a letter to fans that was shown globally, and the message confirmed his plans to end My Hero Academia in a year's time. That is, so long as all things go to plan.

"If [My Hero Academia] continues to progress smoothly, in just about a year from now, it will meet its goal," the creator shared. "That's the situation. If it doesn't go smoothly, I think [this panel's MC Daiki Yamashita] will be reading out the exact same letter from me a next year's Jump Festa."

So, there you have it. If you have felt like the manga was working its way into the endgame, you would be right. My Hero Academia hopes to wrap up its story in a year's time, and that means a lot has to happen between now and then.

Obviously, the series has resolved some major plot rifts to date, but it has serious lifting left to do. Bakugo might have apologized to Izuku, but Shigaraki and All For One are still huge loose ends to face. It's even wilder to think all of this action will have taken place in Izuku's first year at high school, but hey – who knows? Maybe Horikoshi's team has another story cooking that will take Izuku into his senior year! After all, the My Hero Academia fandom is still hungry for more content, and readers would not say no to a new series dedicated to Class 1-A's final year.

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