My Hero Academia Season 6 Seems to Have Found a Release Window

My Hero Academia has a lot of its plate right now, and the anime is weighing things down with its upcoming chapter. If you did not know, the series is working hard on season six behind the scenes, and readers know good and well how intense its episodes will be. Of coursee, this is why all eyes are on the anime, but My Hero Academia has kept its return date quiet... that is, until now.    

After tons of speculation, My Hero Academia has set up a release window for season six. The latest rumor suggests the anime will return to TV this coming fall. So if you want to put it on the calendar, My Hero Academia season six will apparently launch in October 2022.

This is a bit surprising given the schedule My Hero Academia operates on. The show has gone with a spring premiere for four out of its five seasons to date, but it has gone live once before in the fall. Now, season six will tip the scales with this rumored release, so netizens better take note.

As for why season six will take longer to make, well – there is any number of factors. My Hero Academia has a lot to juggle with its next season, so Studio Bones might need more time to animate all the action. A staff shortage could also explain the push given how COVID-19 has impacted production schedules. And though it is unlikely, My Hero Academia might have a secret movie in the works that will hold up a spring premiere.

For now, this update is little more than a rumor, but it has gone live ahead of Jump Festa. My Hero Academia fans can expect an official announcement to go live this weekend, so ComicBook will have all the updates you need to know right here!

What do you think about this rumored window? Are you hyped for My Hero Academia to drop season six? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.