My Hero Academia's English Dub Returns with New Episode

My Hero Academia's fourth season officially came to an end with the April 4th broadcast of the [...]

My Hero Academia's fourth season officially came to an end with the April 4th broadcast of the series in Japan, but unfortunately for fans of the English SimulDub release of the series Funimation had to postpone production on the last five episodes of the season for the forseeable future due to the novel coronavirus. But as the delays in production seemed like they would continue as the novel coronavirus continues to postpone many productions until at least the late Summer, Funimation has resumed production for My Hero Academia as they have figured out how to produce and record from everyone's homes!

As noted by ADR Director for the series Colleen Clinkenbeard with a special video on Funimation's Twitter account, the cast and crew already had started on Episode 84 of My Hero Academia before the delay but ended up designing a set up from each of the staff and crew's homes to record the majority of the episode from their homes.

My Hero Academia's English dub release for Episode 84 will be launching this Sunday, but it's currently unclear as to when the season's four final episodes will premiere. This is a strange situation for all, so major kudos to Funimation's dedicated team for figuring out how to make this all work in such a weird new territory. This episode also begins the fight between Deku and Gentle Criminal, so it's definitely a huge one to come back with!

Funimation notes how they're still figuring out the finer details of this new work situation on their official website, and promises more updates in the future. So unfortunately, the other scheduled Simuldubs are still postponed for the time being but now there's definitely hope as the team found a way to make a new episode of My Hero Academia happen!

Are you excited to see the next episode of My Hero Academia's English dub? Are you excited to see Funimation has figured out a way to make it work at home? Which anime do you want to see resume their SimulDub releases next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!