My Hero Academia Features "Hellish" Endeavor Family Dinner

Endeavor's family has been through a lot during their time as a clan, with most of the rough times [...]

Endeavor's family has been through a lot during their time as a clan, with most of the rough times that they had to wade through caused by none other than the number one hero himself who was seeking to build a unit that could overtake All Might for the top spot in hero society. During the latest episode of My Hero Academia, the Todoroki family welcomed Bakugo and Deku to the table and had a dinner that saw drama percolating beneath the surface thanks to the sins of the father of the family who is seeking redemption in his new role.

There's no lost love between Endeavor and his family at this point, with the number one hero putting his family through hell in an attempt to make them stronger, including pushing Shoto into a training schedule that sent his mother into a state of insanity. Seemingly throwing a kettle of boiling water at Shoto, we discover that this incident was the reason that the youngest member of the Todoroki family has a scar and blames his father for pushing his mother, Rei, to the brink through his abusive ways. While Shoto is struggling with whether or not to forgive his father, it's clear that the family has a long way to go before their problems are put to bed.

My Hero Academia Family Dinner
(Photo: Studio Bones)

Not all of Endeavor's children are struggling with the idea of forgiving their father for the hell that he put them through, as Shoto's older brother, Natsuo, clearly still holds a serious grudge, not being able to stand sitting next to Endeavor at the table for very long. On the flip side, Shoto's sister Fuyumi explains that while she does often feel similar feelings at Natsuo, she is also hoping that their family will one day manage to reunite and leave the past in the past.

This latest installment doesn't give us much action when it comes to the heroes of the Shonen franchise, young and old, but it does give us some great character moments, as well as featuring another look at the oldest sibling Toya, who is absent from the dinner as he has been thought dead for quite some time.

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