'My Hero Academia' Teases a First-Look at Its Next Big Villain

My Hero Academia is moving on from season 3's "Hero License Exam Arc," and will soon be moving into its next big story arc, the "Internship Arc". As with any new chapter of the series, there needs to be a new threat for Izuku Midoriya and his U.A. schoolmates to face - and thanks to the preview for the upcoming episode 62, "A Season for Encounters", why have our first look at what that threat will be!

My Hero Academia Overhaul First Appearance Anime

The preview for episode 62 of the anime reveals this first look at "Overhaul" (aka Kai Chisaki), who ill become one of the more prominent villains in the "Intership Arc". If you want to know learn more about Overhaul's place in the "Internship Arc," and more about his character, than read on below. Just be warned: there are some slight SPOILERS!

* * *

As Boku No Hero Academia manga fans already know, Overhaul is a member of "Shie Hassaikai," a Yakuza group he formed out of the remnants of a previous generation of underworld rulers. With All Might gone, Overhaul sees a chance for his organization to advance in the underworld, which puts him in conflict with Tomura Shigaraki and the League of Villains.

Overhaul's quirk is "overhaul" like his namesake, allowing him to break down and reassemble objects through physical contact. He wears gloves to help control his potentially destructive powers, as well as wearing a bird-like mask that is the staple of Shie Hassaikai's roster of the "Eight expendables" - a dark twist on Buddhism's Eight Precepts. The mask also protection, as Overhaul is a serious germophobe, and can't stand being touched by other people. As a crimeboss, he's credited with being highly intelligent and strategic, able to feign calm, cool, politeness, until something (like being touched) triggers his dark nature and causes him to commit some ruthless acts. He doesn't care about anyone beyond their practical value to his plan - which is nothing less than to become the new ruler of the underworld.



If Overhaul seems to bear a close semblance to League of Villains leader Tomura Shigaraki, it's not an accident. From their respective quirks to their respective backstories, Shigaraki and Overhaul have some important similarities, which will make their rivalry almost as fun as watching Izuku and Class 1-A battle the Shie Hassaikai.

For those who don't know, The Intership Arc sees the students of U.A. get partnered with Pro Heroes for educational internships - as well as how the villain world rises in the wake of All Might's retirement. As My Hero Academia season 3 comes to a close, it's definitely doing so on an exciting note.

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