My Hero Academia Shuffles Hero Rankings Following a Recent Death

My Hero Academia has a thing for ranking its heroes, but it seems the list which fans learned last is defunct now. The anime ended its fourth season with a look at this top list which is unfortunate since the manga has shuffled it around. With All Might out of the pictures, fans were given their new top ten heroes, but death will call for a new list to be made.

The confirmation came with one of the latest chapters in the manga. My Hero Academia followed Shigaraki as the villain awoke a new power that boosted his Decay Quirk to new heights. It was there the Pro Heroes came under attack as the baddie was able to decay the entire city around him, and that led to the death of our Number Six hero.

As we know, the hero Crust did die in the raid as he sacrificed himself to ensure Eraserhead lived on. The heroes were stunned to see the pro die, and he is not the only one who might be out for the count. While he is the only one on the list confirmed dead, there is a good chance Hawks and Mirko are out for the count.

my hero academia hero chart
(Photo: Bones Inc)

After all, the raid ended with Mirko gravely wounded as she lost limbs and sustained puncture wounds. Hawks was severely burned during his run-in with Dabi, and the villain went so far as to burn off his wings and entire back. These aren't wounds you can bounce back from, so fans are curious if these top heroes will be forced into retirement soon much like All Might was.

With the list up in the air, fans are waiting to see how the Pro Heroes will fair after this raid is done. More of the top ten are at risk of being killed in the manga as Shigaraki is ready to kick the battle up a notch. And since Endeavor just challenged the boy, fans are nervous the new Number One is about to die.


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