My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising Hypes Release Date of Blu-ray and Digital Copies

My Hero Academia's fourth season might have had its big finale hit earlier this year, but this [...]

My Hero Academia's fourth season might have had its big finale hit earlier this year, but this wasn't the only note worthy news for the anime series as the second feature length film, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, gave us a new story for the Shonen series and Funimation is hyping the upcoming release for both the Blu-Ray and digital copies of the movie! Following the story of the heir apparent to All For One battling Class 1-A in Nine, the film takes place following the events of the fourth season.

Kohei Horikoshi, the creator of the franchise, has gone on record stating that there are many movies in the works for the series of My Hero Academia, hitting as many as ten additional films in the future, though the exact number has obviously yet to be confirmed. The second film had some giant moments for the series as a whole, with Midoriya sharing the Quirk of One For All with his "frenemy" in Bakugo. Luckily for Deku, he was able to ultimately hold onto the power that he inherited from All Might, and defeat Nine in their titanic tussle. The anime movie itself is part of the main continuity of the series, and has lasting ramifications for the series.

Funimation took to Twitter to hype the upcoming Blu-Ray and digital copies release for My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, with the physical release (standard and Steelbook) hitting on October 27th and the digital copies being released on October 13th, meaning fans of the Shonen series will only have to wait a few weeks to revisit the film, or watch it for the first time:

Currently, the fifth season of My Hero Academia has been confirmed, but a release date has yet to be revealed for when the animated adventures of Midoriya and company will return. Within the pages of the manga, Deku and Class 1-A have a truly difficult road ahead of them in the Paranormal Liberation War which has created a number of casualties for both the side of heroes and villains alike.

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