My Hero Academia Unlocks a New Power for Izuku

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has unlocked a new power for Izuku Midoriya. The war between the [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has unlocked a new power for Izuku Midoriya. The war between the heroes and the villains has reached its end as both sides are enacting their final moves to end the battle for now. Midoriya has been through quite a lot since the battle had begun, and his close proximity with Tomura Shigaraki's full unleashing of All For One's power has been having an impact on his own. We have seen smaller examples of how Midoriya's One For All usage is growing, and that continues with the newest chapter unlocking the next quirk in his arsenal.

The series has seen Izuku Midoriya previously unlock the Blackwhip and Float abilities within One For All together with his standard strength and speed boosts, and now the newest chapter of the series has given him yet another familiar ability that should seem familiar to fans of Marvel's Spider-Man, "Danger Sense."

Chapter 295 of the series sees Midoriya waking up when a voice calls out to him and tells him to do so. As he tries to regain his bearings after passing out in the previous chapter, he feels a strong stabbing sensation in his head. It's one that he's felt a couple of times before, but this time he puts it together that this quirk actually belongs to the fourth user of One For All, Danger Sense.

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Noting that All Might had written about this quirk in one of his notebooks, Midoriya realizes that he has not trained with this ability but it simply just manifested within him like Blackwhip and Float had did prior. But the pain of the quirk is taking such a toll on him that it's hard to control and he's struggling to keep conscious. So while Shigaraki has been boosted through this fight, Midoriya has grown right alongside him.

Thankfully it doesn't seem like Danger Sense will be a tough quirk to hide like Blackwhip and Float, so he'll be able to train its use in the future while still maintaining that he's got a normal quirk like everyone else. But at the same time, his rapid growth is surely going to be a point of contention once the heroes get their reprieve from this major battle.

What do you think of Izuku Midoriya unlocking a new One For All quirk? Did you expect My Hero Academia to give him so many quirks, so quickly? What kind of power do you think he'll get from One For All next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!