My Hero Academia Introduces Izuku's Newest Bakugo-Inspired Move

My Hero Academia may have pit Izuku and Katsuki against one another when it began, but the pair are hardly recognizable now. The two have gone through plenty in their first year of high school, so it is no surprise the friends-turned-enemies are now easy rivals. And thanks to the manga, Izuku got the chance to tribute Kacchan this week by revealing a new move inspired by the blonde.

The whole thing went live this week in chapter 349. It was there fans met up with Izuku as he managed to escape Toga's trap. He is now called to a new battlefield where Bakugo awaits with Shigaraki, but his mode of transport has him riled up. After all, he has not mastered the mode as Bakugo has.

As you can see above, My Hero Academia's manga shows Izuku flying over open water as he makes his way back to the mainland. With nothing around him to use Black Whip on, Izuku is left to use a combination of his Quirks to mimic the flight Bakugo uses with his explosions.

"I'm using both the Seventh's Float and the Third's Fa Jin. Air Force pushes me forward and helps me keep balanced," he explains while flying over the ocean. But as always, Izuku is not happy with his speed.

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This is a first for Izuku's new technique, and fans were quick to spot how similar it works to Bakugo's own method of flight. The blonde hero-in-training launches explosions from his palms to keep him airborne, and their concentration helps him navigate mid-air. Now, Izuku is doing the same thing down to the pose. By using Fa Jin to store up energy in his hands, Izuku blasts forward while using Float to keep him airborne. Air Force controls his direction, but the newness of his move means Izuku hasn't unlocked its full speed. But with so much at stake, One For All admits it needs the boy to hold back until the final battle calls for Izuku's full strength.

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