My Hero Academia Prequel Will Reportedly Be Ending Soon

My Hero Academia is a comfort manga for many, and creator Kohei Horikoshi is putting readers through their paces right now. The main series is working through its final act, but there is still lots to do before its curtains close. However, according to a new report, it seems My Hero Academia's prequel will be ending sooner rather than later.

The notice comes from Shonen Jump itself, after all. Shueisha posted a spread focused on My Hero Academia: Vigilantes as you can see below. The promo advertises the prequel's big fight at the moment, and Shonen Jump confirms it will bring the series to its climax.

For those unfamiliar with this prequel, we cannot recommend enough you check it out. My Hero Academia: Vigilantes takes place well before Izuku Midoriya finds himself at UA High School or the next wielder of One For All. Instead, the story follows a college-aged vigilante named Koichi who aspires to be like All Might. And once he begins to save civilians around Naruhata, he meets several familiar faces such as Eraser Head and Mirko to start.

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The ambitious story gives plenty of background to the franchise's pro hero society while laying some important groundwork for our heroes. Aizawa has a major arc in the prequel dedicated to his high school years, and All For One appears with Kurogiri to lay out more of their motivations. Any fan of My Hero Academia should consider this prequel a must-read. And if they catch up quickly, they can follow the manga as it prepares for its final batch of chapters.

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