My Hero Academia Reveals Kurogiri's New Form

Since it began, My Hero Academia made it clear that all of its heroes and villains had quite the backstory. Shigaraki and Deku have proven as much in spades, and the rest of Class 1-A has had their own moments to shine. The same can be said for the League of Villains, and in the manga, Kurogiri has been thrust into the spotlight once more. After all, My Hero Academia just gave the villain a new form, and it blends the baddie with the hero Shirakumo Oboro who we've all come to love. 

As you can see in the pages of My Hero Academia chapters 373 and 374, the manga gave Kurogiri the spotlight after a stint away. The villain has been kept away from visitors as of late thanks to the war, and before then, Kurogiri was being studied by dozens. The Nomu held too many secrets to stay locked up, and we all know those studies revealed Kurogiri's previous identity as Shirakumo Oboro.

Now? Well, it seems Kurogiri and Shirakumo are coming together in the most unexpected way. The war just awoke something in the villain we've not seen before, and it gifted Kurogiri a new design that blends his usual look with Shirakumo's from high school.

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As you can see above, Kurogiri looks a little more human now as his shadowy form is beginning to solidify. If you look at the villain's face, you can now see Shirakumo's features hiding underneath the mist including his little nose bandage. The form also gifts Kurogiri some of Shirakumo's mannerisms as his pronouns are changing to reflect the long-dead high school student. And as you can imagine, Present Mic is not taking this change very well.

Now, it looks like the struggle for Kurogiri is underway as the villain has aligned himself with All For One after waking up. Spinner was able to get the villain moving once more, but Present Mic and Aizawa won't let the man do whatever he wants. Beneath Kurogiri's facade lies whatever is left of Shirakumo, and the boy's friends will not rest until he sees the light.

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