My Hero Academia Updates Fans on Its Most Critically Injured Pros

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about war and has proved as much during its latest arc. [...]

My Hero Academia knows a thing or three about war and has proved as much during its latest arc. While the anime preps its fifth season, fans are turning to the manga in droves to check out its Raid arc. As many know, the arc hasn't gone well for the heroes as hundreds if not thousands have died in the battle with most being civilians. And in a new update, fans were able to check in on some of the story's most injured heroes.

The first page of chapter 294 was brutal in its examination of those injured. In fact, the page started off with a tribute to a top hero who definitely passed away during this arc. Crust was killed quite some time ago after Shigaraki awoke from his experimental stasis. His decay power surged forward enough to level nearly half a city, and Crust was killed by this blast as he threw Aizawa to safety.

Of course, the teacher of Class 1-A did not make it through this arc unscathed. This opening page checks in on the hero as he is shown on a stretcher with doctors surrounding him. It seems the man is still in critical condition after losing most of one leg and likely an eye.

The My Hero Academia opener also checks in on other heroes who we have seen injured in this raid. Mirko is seen in terrible condition, and fans know the heroine has lost more than a limb doing this arc. Others like Hawks, Gran Torino, and Ryukyu ae shown as well. These three fought their own foes during this arc as Hawks was critically injured during his fight with Dabi. The other two took on Shigaraki to no avail, and to our dismay, this chapter's final spread teases a possible comeback on the villain's part. So if we were Mirio, we would put some distance between ourselves and the League's nasty leader.

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