My Hero Academia Unmasks Mr. Compress at Last

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has unmasked Mr. Compress at last! The war between the heroes [...]

My Hero Academia's newest chapter has unmasked Mr. Compress at last! The war between the heroes and villains has reached its final rally as neither side refuses to relent. After controlling the pace for the majority of the chapters throughout the war thus far, the series seems to have swung everything back in the heroes' favor as Best Jeanist and Lemillion have come to the fight for a last bit of support. But with as much determination as they have to make their dreams come true, the villains are nowhere near standing down. That's especially true for Mr. Compress.

The newest chapter of the series sees Mr. Compress put it all on the line for one last performance, and as he fights for his own dreams and the dreams of the rest of his team, Compress decides to put his life on the line in a series of dangerous uses of his quirk. This leads to a full reveal of his face as Chapter 294 of the series comes to an end. Warning! Major spoilers for My Hero Academia below!

My Hero Academia Mr Compress Face Spoilers
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As Best Jeanist continues to bind the villains with his quirk, Shigaraki is unable to wake up. Seeing how he and Spinner are about to lose their consciousness due to how tight the stranglehold on them really is. It's here he decides on one final gambit and uses his quirk to remove a chunk of his own body to free his hand and save Shigaraki, Spinner, and Dabi by turning them into pearls.

As he continues to fight, Compress' inner monologue reveals his own dream and ties to the legendary Bandit King, Oji Harama. He confirms that he is the great, great grandson of Harama as he too seeks to reveal the fallacy of the heroes who only are in their line of work for money. Putting all of his dreams in Shigaraki's hands, his final trick is saving his boss and revealing his true identity to the world all while revealing why he was hiding in the first place -- all for the sake of a moment like this.

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