My Hero Academia Explains Why the Fourth One For All User Died

My Hero Academia's War Arc has come to a close in the pages of its manga, with the heroes [...]

My Hero Academia's War Arc has come to a close in the pages of its manga, with the heroes attempting to lick their wounds and pick up the pieces from their deadly battle against the villains of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and Midoriya has taken the opportunity to dive into his own mind to learn more about One For All. With the fourth user revealing how he spent his days with the Quirk, we learn not only how Hikage Shinomori died but the circumstances as to how his life had slipped through his fingers.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 304, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory.

As Hikage explains, the fourth wielder of One For All reveals that he didn't spend his life fighting villains like All For One, but rather spent his days in isolation attempting to better strengthen the Quirk for the next generation. Imposing this strict regiment upon himself, the overall power of the Quirk began to tear apart his body, causing Hikage to die of old age. The power of the numerous Quirks depleted the years from Shinomori's life, but he was able to learn some important lessons before his final days.

My Hero Academia Fourth All For One
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With Deku learning that the Quirk of One For All can only be effectively transferred to figures who don't currently have a Quirk, the young hero has to come to grips with the idea that he might be the final crime-fighter wielding the power. Midoriya has put his body through the wringer over the course of his short career, having broken countless bones before fully mastering the power of his Quirk though we have yet to see cracks appear on his face like the fourth.

With Shigaraki having recently freed his mentor of All For One from the high-security prison, it's clear that Deku's journey is far from finished and the heroes had better heal up quickly to fight a brand new onslaught of evil. Midoriya now has better insight into the power of One For All and having his predecessors now at his beck and call, the future is definitely anyone's guess.

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