My Hero Academia Sees Izuku Unlock a Special One For All Ability

My Hero Academia started out with Izuku standing on the bottom rung, but the hero has quickly [...]

My Hero Academia started out with Izuku standing on the bottom rung, but the hero has quickly climbed the ranks since then. In fact, the young hero-in-training is considered by many to be one of Japan's most promising heroes. Much of this is thanks to his work with One For All, and he just unlocked a special ability with the quirk he's been needing.

There is just one problem, really. This new power? Yeah, it doesn't do anything for Izuku in the real world. It only works around his quirk's former users, but it is a pivotal boon all the same.

The technique was given to Izuku in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia. As fans read chapter 304, they watched as Izuku met with the predecessor of his quirk, and they explained some valuable information about his power. This is far from the first time Izuku has met these heroes before, but this time, he was finally about to talk to the gang.

The simple act of talking might not seem like much, but it is in this specific context. Izuku has been trying to talk to the gang for a long time with zero success. Now, the hero is able to gain some valuable information from the former One For All users, but he can share intel with them. This communication proves Izuku has grown stronger ever since the users first appeared before him, and that is not all.

After all, fans know Izuku loves doing one thing, and that is talking. The hero is very good at analyzing situations and making on-the-fly strategies when he speaks aloud. Even when his mumbling rambles, it is filled with important information, so his ability to speak to all of the predecessors is huge. Izuku might get some much-needed info from the gang now, so My Hero Academia fans will have to wait and see how Izuku develops this power.

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