My Hero Academia Explains Why Izuku is Likely the Last One For All Holder

My Hero Academia explains why Izuku Midoriya is most likely the final One For All holder in the [...]

My Hero Academia explains why Izuku Midoriya is most likely the final One For All holder in the newest chapter of the series! Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series is currently exploring the immediate fallout of the massive fight between the heroes and villains that took place over the better half of 2020, and Izuku has been much worse for wear considering how much damage his body had gone through. But he also grew in strength thanks to the close proximity to Tomura Shigaraki unleashing the full might of All For One during the fight.

The newest chapter of the series revealed that this increase of power within One For All also led to an increase in power within its inner space. Now being able to have a full conversation with the previous vestiges of the power, they explained the dangers of passing on this power to the wrong person not just in terms of character but in body composition as well. Due to Izuku and All Might's being born quirkless, the choices for a proper successor are slim. In fact, Izuku could very well be the last one to ever use One For All.

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When Izuku is introduced to the fourth user of the power, he learns that this holder's life span was cut short rather than be killed by All For One or some other villain. By comparing this user's lifespan to the way All Might used the power, the previous users all realize that having a quirk in one's body makes One For All for volatile as it creates an imbalance of strength given that their consciousness seem to be passed down through their quirk factors themselves.

Now that One For All is stronger than ever with this separate powers now manifesting in Izuku's body, it makes it even more dangerous for someone with a quirk in their body. Meaning that Izuku can't just pass it on to anyone. With quirkless people being so rare, it's highly unlikely Izuku's going to come across a hero who needs power let alone the kind of power One For All has now.

It was by complete chance that All Might had found Izuku as well, so this means Izuku's options are incredibly limited in terms of finding a potential successor. Meaning, Izuku could very well be the final person to ever wield One For All. Now that all of this weight is on his shoulders, it's going to be up to him to take down Tomura Shigaraki and All For One once and for all. He's One For All's only chance.

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