My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Makes a Shocking Izuku Reveal

My Hero Academia has been racing hearts for the last year thanks to its intense arc, and fans had thought things would calm down in 2021. However, they did not know how wrong they were. Thanks to a new chapter, My Hero Academia has thrown the whole series off balance, and it is all because of a decision Izuku made.

So you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for My Hero Academia! Proceed with extreme caution!

mha izuku

For fans who are still in shock over chapter 306, you are not alone. Very few fans expected My Hero Academia to take Izuku out of school with its upcoming arc. For weeks now, fans have followed Izuku amidst his recovery from the failed raid against Shigaraki. By the end of this week's chapter, it seemed the boy was all clear, but things shifted when a time skip confirmed Izuku had left UA High School.

There is very little information on how Izuku left school, but he seems to have done so with no warning. The manga confirmed the boy left letters for each of his classmates to inform them of his leave. Ochaco, Kirishima, and others were shown reading theirs in total shock. By the chapter's end, fans are shown Izuku several months after leaving school, and his deadened eyes speak volumes. The hero has no had it easy since leaving UA High School, and My Hero Academia fans are desperate to learn more about his situation in chapter 307.


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