My Hero Academia Surprises with Major Timeskip Cliffhanger Ending

My Hero Academia surprised with a major timeskip with its cliffhanger ending with its newest [...]

My Hero Academia surprised with a major timeskip with its cliffhanger ending with its newest chapter! My Hero Academia spent the majority of 2020 embroiled in a huge war between the heroes and villains, and as the newest chapters of the series explore the immediate fallout of such a huge event, the new status quo of the series has begun to take shape. But the newest chapter of the series really threw a major curveball with a timeskip that joins the series a bit after the war and recovery and is now setting the stage for this next and final act of the series.

The newest chapter of the series picks up right after Izuku Midoriya and the past One For All hosts and it was revealed that he could likely be the final person to use this power as he'll soon need to come face to face with Tomura Shigaraki. But as Chapter 306 also reveals, Izuku had made a major decision changing his life forever as the series jumps ahead a few months to tease a huge new kind of hero world for Izuku and everyone else.

My Hero Academia Ending Timeskip Cliffhanger Spoilers
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Chapter 303 of the series continues the string of surprising reveals as Hawks and Best Jeanist are told about the One For All secret from All Might himself. Endeavor also confirms to the world that Dabi had spoke the truth and he had been abusing his family, and that while the hero world had been taken down a peg the heroes themselves are more determined that ever to fight against the villains in the future.

But Izuku and All Might's One For All secret was kept to just a few people alone until Izuku made one final surprising decision. Deciding to leave a note for each of his classmates telling them about his One For All power and his goal to save Shigaraki, the series then jumps forward a few months ahead to April. The end of the chapter then also reveals that Izuku has since left the school.

Leaving U.A. Academy behind, Izuku Midoriya is now heading into this timeskip future a vigilante who's still fighting villains on his own. But what did you think of this timeskip? Do you think a few months ahead is a big enough timeskip for this next phase of My Hero Academia? What kind of future would you want to see for the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!