My Hero Academia Gives Izuku New Timeskip Outfit

My Hero Academia has given Izuku Midoriya a whole new look to go along with its newest timeskip! [...]

My Hero Academia has given Izuku Midoriya a whole new look to go along with its newest timeskip! The massive war between the heroes and villains took about a year's worth of time in Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series releases, but in the world of the series itself it was only a few moments. That does not mean this war is light on major shake ups to the status quo, however, as Izuku Midoriya has been changed forever now that he's made some major discoveries about the One For All power within him. That's only one of the big shake ups.

The newest chapter of the series reflected those shake ups with a final shift of the series' status quo. The end of Chapter 306 jumps the series ahead a few months following Izuku's time in the hospital after the war, and while this isn't the huge timeskip that many fans had been hoping to see, it still features a quite drastic change for Izuku as he's donned a whole new "hero" look for this new era of the series. Check it out below:

My Hero Academia Deku Timeskip Look
(Photo: Viz Media)

Chapter 306 does the impossible and sees both Izuku and All Might reveal the secret of One For All to those close to them. While One For All had sparked questions from the public, it had sparked just as many questions from those around Izuku and All Might. After Izuku learned from the previous One For All users that he could potentially be the final one to use One For All, he made the decision to fully invest himself in defeating Shigaraki to save him from All For One's power.

With the chapter seeing him leave U.A. Academy and revealing his secret to his former classmates, the chapter ends confirming that a few months later that Izuku had left U.A. Academy. His new look has covered his incredibly injured body in bandages, and the worn out nature of his body and spirit is reflected in the tattered ruins of his former hero costume. It seems he's still working as a hero on his own, but he's left the proper hero world behind.

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