My Hero Academia Details All For One's Contract with Lady Nagant

Lady Nagant might turn out to be one of the most popular villains that has been recently [...]

Lady Nagant might turn out to be one of the most popular villains that has been recently introduced to the world of My Hero Academia, being sprung from prison as a result of the conclusion of the War Arc in the pages of the manga, and the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's epic Shonen series details what All For One had in mind by sending her after Midoriya. Nagant's Quirk definitely makes her a good match for Deku, who is currently bouncing around the city, balancing his heroic duties with dodging the advances of the villains that want his Quirk for themselves.

Warning. If you aren't caught up on My Hero Academia's manga with its latest chapter, Chapter 312, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

One of the top heroes in the world, Snipe, is thought of as one of the greatest marksmen within hero society, but the latest installment of the manga sees the top crime fighter confessing that Lady Nagant is able to defeat him on her skill alone, not even factoring in her Quirk. Thanks to her power, Nagant can transform any of her bullets into any object she desires, making for quite the tactical benefit when hunting the current wielder of the power of One For All.

My Hero Academia Manga All For One
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Nagant's background is definitely an interesting one, from what we are told in this latest chapter, as she was originally a part of the Public Safety Commission alongside Hawks and was clearly a professional crime fighter herself. For whatever reason, she apparently came to hate hero society and was apparently imprisoned for killing a fellow hero in her quest to dismantle the society that she now finds herself despising.

As we see in a flashback, Nagant is approached by All For One immediately following the prison break, and the head of the League of Villains simply explains to the female sniped that should she capture Midoriya, she will take off the playing field the main foundation of society as it stands. As All For One states, Nagant "wants the downfall of hero society but will never be able to achieve it as long as Midoriya stands,"

On top of this contract, All For One has also given her at least one brand new Qurik in "Air Walk", which she employs on the final page of the chapter as she attempts to capture Midoriya to deliver him straight to the Paranormal Liberation Front.

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