My Hero Academia Hides WW2 Nods with Its Newest Villain

My Hero Academia gave fans a double-dose of action this past weekend thanks to its manga and [...]

My Hero Academia gave fans a double-dose of action this past weekend thanks to its manga and anime. While season five carried on with its course, the manga riled up fans with a new villain. After all, Izuku is dodging a hired gun that is gunning for him, and it turns out this new vixen has some curious ties to World War 2.

The whole thing came to light after Lady Nagant made a subsequent debut in chapter 312. My Hero Academia spent most of its time dwelling on the ex-hero's history, but fans were quick to pick up on her real-world roots. After all, her name alone will make some think of World War 2 or firearms at the very least.

mha nagant

Lady Nagant appears to be named after the Mosin-Nagant, a popular 3-line rifle used during both of the world wars. The gun was originally developed in the late 1800s and used heavily in the Soviet Union. The gun came together after Sergei Mosin and Leon Nagant submitted designs to Russian forces. While the two guns were similar, Mosin ended up winning the bid, but a legal dispute wound up elevating Nagant's status as a gunsmith. And now, Izuku's new foe appears to borrow from that maker's name.

It has also been noted that Lady Nagant was housed in Cell C-46 during her time in Tartarus. Netizens were quick to note that this number was used in World War 2 in reference to a type of plane. The Curtiss C-46 Commando was used for military transport during World War 2 following its first flight in March 1940.

Between her name and former cell, Nagant's role as a soldier and sniper completes her ties to one of the worst wars in the last century. So if Izuku thinks he can sidestep Lady Nagant easily, well - he is going to have another thing coming. The former hero is determined to bring hero society to its knees, and she will not relent on All For One's orders when their goal is so close to being met.

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