My Hero Academia Explains Shigaraki's Unstable Identity

Since the days of his childhood, Shigaraki has never quite recovered after his Quirk manifested and eliminated his family in the process, which anime fans were able to see in the latest season of the television series covering the My Villain Academia Arc. In the latest chapter of the manga, Shigaraki faces one of his toughest physical challenges to date, but seems to be struggling on a mental level as his identity is seemingly fractured thanks in part to the unbelievable power that he has inherited from All For One thanks to the experiments of Dr. Garaki.

Warning. If you want to avoid spoilers for the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 330, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into serious spoiler territory. 

Shigaraki might be all-powerful now that he has absorbed All For One's Quirk, but it seems as though this power comes with a heavy cost, as the head villain is now bouncing around in his protege's head, to the point where the two villains have become one. This becomes apparent not just thanks to All Might mocking Shigaraki from within his own psyche, but also from Star And Stripe's Quirk, "New Order," having no effect on the villain as he is no longer simply Tomura Shigaraki, but a combination of both the student and the mentor.

(Photo: Shueisha & Bones)

This merging of the minds is not something that Tomura is a fan of, as All For One explains the rabbit hole that the young villain now finds himself wandering down:

"As originally planned, you were meant to become me entirely after two months of recuperation, but what a firecracker you are, Tomura. Your sheer hatred! Your drive for destruction! The doctor and I had our expectations, and you rose up to blow them away! Percentage-wise, I'd say 97? Perhaps 98? We will become one soon enough. No longer All For One nor Tomura Shigaraki, we now meld into a new person altogether!"

Of course, this isn't quite the case for All For One, who will still have complete control over his own body, leaving readers to wonder if this might be the impetus for Shigaraki deciding to fight against his mentor. 

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