My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Reveals Shigaraki's New Look

My Hero Academia's newest chapter gave us the first look at Tomura Shigaraki's upgraded new look with its major cliffhanger! Shigaraki, like Izuku Midoriya, has been through a major period of growth that has quickly escalated over the course of the Final Act of the series. Beginning in the fight against the Meta Liberation Army, Shigaraki has been steadily growing in his use of All For One's power and becoming the perfect vessel for his master. It was teased that he's even closer to his peak form than ever before, and now it seems like he's been pushed over that edge. 

As the heroes make the necessary plans to take on All For One and Tomura Shigaraki, they had discovered that Shigaraki's evolution is only a few days away from completion. What seems to be pushing this evolution further along is his newest fight in the series as the latest chapter of the series has seen him go head to head with America's number one hero, Star and Stripe. As the fight seems to enter a new stage at the end of the chapter, so does Shigaraki's own self by the looks of things. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 330 of the series sees Shigaraki quickly getting into a fight against Star and Stripe not long after he met her in the skies near Japan. One of the curious elements of this fight was that Shigaraki continues to question the relationship between he and his master as All For One seeks to entirely control Shigaraki's body now that it houses his power. But Shigaraki refuses to relent, and that's only making the suffering and anger he feels from it grow that much more intense as he tears away from inside and out. 

This physical and mental tearing continues to eat at Shigaraki even as he easily avoids Star and Stripe's powerful attacks, and he's gearing up to steal and take advantage of her quirk as well. As the chapter comes to an end, it becomes increasingly clear that Shigaraki's now become a being that's not really Shigaraki nor really All For One either. It's an entirely new self that seems to be sparking to completion as the chapter comes to an end. But what do you think? 

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