My Hero Academia Newest Pro Hero May Become Its Greatest Threat

My Hero Academia's manga has already brought the War Arc to a close, the big hero/villain war that is set to swallow the animated series when it arrives in the sixth season of the television show, and in doing so, is giving us a big new battle that is unlike anything we've seen before. With Hero Society on the brink and the villains unveiling their plan, a new professional hero has stepped up to the plate in America's Star And Stripe, whose Quirk's power might be made into a giant hurdle for the heroes.

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, Chapter 330, and don't want the War Arc spoiled, steer clear now as we'll be diving into spoiler territory.

Star And Stripe's Quirk is dubbed "New Order," which allows North America's top professional hero an unbelievable power that is described as "after touching a target, she can call out the target's name and assign a new rule to it." She first demonstrates this power by touching the air around her and stealing it from Shigaraki's personal space, but considering the heir to All For One has so much power at his disposal, it isn't enough to do him in.

(Photo: Shueisha)

As Star And Stripe explains, she has the ability to use her Quirk twice, but one of which is being used at all times on herself in order to give her super strength and heighten her physical attributes:

"I can only set new rules for up to two different targets at once. One of the two is always myself. I can't quite conjure up super strength on All Might's level, but I'm not too shabby!"

Of course, All For One and Shigaraki's goal is to take Star And Stripe's Quirk for themselves, adding it to their roster of abilities while also giving them a terribly dangerous edge in their war against Hero Society. With the current fight between Shigaraki and Star And Stripe set to end with the next chapter, things aren't looking good for the heroes at present.

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