My Hero Academia Explains How One For All Can Be Stolen

My Hero Academia has made several things clear about One For All, and one very important fact [...]

My Hero Academia has made several things clear about One For All, and one very important fact shared early on had to do with its safety. All Might gave his assurance the quirk could not be taken with force, but it seems that might not be the truth. Thanks to a new update, it seems there is a very specific way One For All can be taken, and the caveat was revealed how those who wielded the power before Izuku.

The update was shared in My Hero Academia's new chapter, and it was a much-needed one. After all, fans were wondering why All For One tried to nab Izuku's quirk when he took over Shigaraki's body not too long ago. Fans did not believe such a thing was possible, but the creator of One For All confirmed it could happen because of Shigaraki's volatile emotional state.

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"Bending and breaking the basic principle of One For All takes a powerful will and emotions strong enough to override One For All. Emotions so strong, they're too much for one person to bear," the predecessors explain to Izuku.

"We're thinking he's trying to use Shigaraki's hatred to get the job done. Because the origin of One For All was itself a powerful that refused to submit to All For One,"

This revelation makes plenty of sense as All For One did use Shigaraki's anger to batter down the defenses of One For All. The villains might have even gotten a hold of the quirk, but the inheritors stepped in to steel Izuku. Now, the boy has been made fully aware of the danger Shigaraki poses to his power. He must master his own will against the villain, so Izuku has yet another thing to train once he recovers from the botched raid.

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