My Hero Academia Creator Celebrates Season 5's Todoroki Family Dinner With New Sketch

My Hero Academia's creator is celebrating the Todoroki Family dinner in Season 5's newest episode [...]

My Hero Academia's creator is celebrating the Todoroki Family dinner in Season 5's newest episode with a fun new sketch! Following a brief detour tying the events of the Endeavor Agency arc to the upcoming World Heroes' Mission movie, the fifth season of the anime is now right back into the thick of things as the newest episode continues to explore Endeavor and how he's trying to make things right with the rest of his family. This leads to quite the awkward moment involving Izuku Midoriya and Katsuki Bakugo as well, and the original series creator decided to celebrate.

My Hero Academia original creator Kohei Horikoshi celebrated the Todoroki Family dinner in Episode 105 of the series with a fun new sketch imagining it all went down in a much less awkward way than it did in the actual series. Instead we have Bakugo doing his best against Fuyumi's Mapo Tofu, a moment that was highlighting in the original manga's version of the events that didn't quite make the anime. Check it out below:

Episode 105 of the series continues the intense Endeavor Agency arc, but rather than focus on how Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto are training under the number one hero, the arc slows a bit down to highlight just how tense things are in the Todoroki Family home. Endeavor has been trying to make good with his family following his years of abuse, and things aren't going as smoothly as he would have hoped, or that anyone would reasonably expect in this kind of situation. But that's the deal with this sort of thing.

The Endeavor Agency arc will soon be coming to an end this season, but before it does, the Todoroki Family will be coming face to face with an intense new threat that will put all of their struggles in a new perspective. The season still has much to explore before it comes to an end, so we'll be seeing much more intensity and darkness in the coming episodes even after this grounded familial drama.

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