New My Hero Academia Cover Shows Off Deku's Dark Side In Full Color

Izuku Midoriya has gone through some serious changes as a result of the War Arc, with the young hero aspiring to be the next Symbol of Peace having to take on a much darker form in a bid to hold together hero society. Now, a new manga cover for My Hero Academia has arrived, giving fans a new look, in full color, as to the dark aesthetic that young Midoriya had to adopt in order to combat the forces of Shigaraki and All For One in this terrifying new era.    

Without going into spoiler territory, Izuku has never had a more trying time in his life as an aspiring crime fighter, darting from crime to crime and having to dodge the advances of Shigaraki and All For One. Though All Might attempted his best to help out his student, Deku wasn't allowing anyone to get near him, in fear that they would ultimately be hurt by those who were seeking the power of One For All. The sixth season of My Hero Academia's anime adaptation is set to arrive this fall, though the War Arc might take the entirety of the season and it might be some time before fans see this Dark Deku animated.

Creator Kohei Horikoshi shared the first look at the cover for Volume 33 of My Hero Academia's manga, giving us a brand new look at Deku's dark look, along with Uravity and Iida also being displayed prominently as the young heroes found themselves attempting to stop Midoriya's suicide mission:

At the latest event known as Jump Festa, Horikoshi himself stated that his wildly popular Shonen series has around one year of storytime before the epic adventure of UA Academy comes to an end. While the mangaka hasn't hinted at the fact that the series might return with a sequel series, there are plenty of fans of the series that would love to see the main characters aged up and given their own version of Naruto: Shippuden

What do you think of this new cover for My Hero Academia? Do you think we'll see Dark Deku make an appearance in the sixth season of the anime? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of UA Academy.