My Hero Academia Shares New Peek at Deku's Dark Form

The world of My Hero Academia has only grown darker since the War Arc ended in the Shonen manga, and a new figurine helps in showing the dark path that Deku has taken in order to hold together hero society. Now appearing much closer to a monstrous villain than a candidate to be the next Symbol of Peace, the series created by Kyohei Horikoshi has given us a closer look at Midoriya's new aesthetic. 

As Izuku pushed beyond his limits and tried to master One For All as quickly as possible before All For One and Tomura Shigaraki made their move, his usually cheery disposition and heroic look started to morph and change as he fought as a vigilante. This became known as his "Deku Black" (or "Dark Deku") transformation, and it was such a hit with fans that the look is already getting a new collectible statue of its own. This gives us a new look at the form in full color (well as much color as this form could have, anyway) and you can check it out below as shared by series creator Kohei Horikoshi himself: 

Horikoshi even had quite the hilarious comment to coincide with the reveal of the new Dark Deku collectible as well confirming that he had actually requested they make a figure for Deku's darkest look yet stating, "I heard they were planning to make some kind of figure, so I submitted a request. Because I wanted it. It's not often that you see such an explicit abuse of authority. I'm looking forward to it!" Hilariously enough, Horikoshi's request for the figure yielding Dark Deku getting a collectible so soon and fans are definitely going to benefit. 

While the "full color" peek at the form further confirms that Deku's original hero costume was fully stained black with mud, dirt, and grime, one of the finer details that pokes through are the green highlighted eyes that still shine through Deku's hood. So it's not a completely dark transformation, and further goes to show just how the "real" Deku had been struggling underneath all of the pressures from the world around him. But what do you think of this newest look at Dark Deku? Would you want to nab this statue for your collection? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!