My Hero Academia Unmasks One of Edgeshot's Wild Details

My Hero Academia is busier than ever these days as its manga is working through some big battles. After all, the series has reached its final act, and the manga is putting everything on the line. Izuku has reached new levels of power, and of course, everyone is eyeing Bakugo in light of his recent injuries. The hero's best chance at survival hinges on Edgeshot, so the pro is center stage for once. And now, the creator of My Hero Academia has taken a moment to out a wild detail about the hero.

And what is it about? Well, we just learned what is lurking underneath Edgeshot's mask. Kohei Horikoshi clarified a point about the ninja-themed hero, and it turns out the pro does have facial hair.

The info was shared in the most recent volume of My Hero Academia. The release contains lots of notes from Horikoshi, and Twitter user RukasuMHA shared the creator's note about Edgeshot.

"It was a little hard to tell because of all the blood and wounds, but he has a mustache. Edgeshot (Shinya Kamihara) and Best Jeanist (Tsunagu Hakamada) are 2 years apart. Best Jeanist was a third year, Edgeshot was a first year," the summary reads.

As you can see above, Edgeshot really does have facial hair. You can see this mustache briefly when Shinya Kamihara reaches Bakugo and tells Best Jeanist his sacrificial plan to save the boy. However, fans weren't sure if the mustache was really hair or some sort of blood splatter. Either way, we have learned the truth now, and it seems fans are obsessed with the ninja's unexpected facial hair.

After all, fans have asked after Edgeshot's features for years, and this reveal was hardly expected. The mustache suits the hero, but sadly, it looks like My Hero Academia won't give us the chance to see more of it. After all, Edgeshot's plan to save Bakugo will kill him, and fans are willing to bet My Hero Academia picks Izuku's friend to save. But maybe if we're lucky, Dynamight will grow a mustache in honor of the hero who saved his life in the far off future. 

Did you ever notice this little detail? Do you think My Hero Academia is doing right by Edgeshot in its final act? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.