My Hero Academia Reveals Yet Another Hero's Retirement

My Hero Academia has been nothing short of fun in season five, but the manga is a whole other [...]

My Hero Academia has been nothing short of fun in season five, but the manga is a whole other story. If you are not in the know, the series has been pushing some dark themes for well over a year now in print, and a good few pro heroes are now retiring given the stress. Now, it seems yet another hero has joined that list, and this one was more well known than the rest.

The update was given in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia this week. As it turns out, there are only a handful of pro heroes left working, and there are fewer who Hawks trusts. That is why it was such a blow when Death Arms hung up his uniform and left the pro hero route altogether.

My Hero Academia Manga 316 Deku Explosion Cliffhanger All For One Spoilers
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It turns out Death Arms chose to leave the life behind after villains under All For One turned the public against pro heroes. With chaos ruling the streets, pro heroes were overworked in every way, and the public only responded with critiques. The stress got to Death Arms in the end, and he seemed regretful as he hung his costume to become a simple civilian.

"I thought I was different. I'm sure everyone else did too. I just wasn't cut out to be a hero," Death Arms said. "All I am is a man."

With another pro hero down for the count, My Hero Academia fans are left wondering how the profession is faring. During the Raid arc, a good few heroes did die including Midnight, and many retired after society spiraled into madness. And as such, the remaining heroes are left to fight a battle that was difficult even before their allies jumped ship. Izuku is now picking up the slack while his classmates hunker down at school, but even All Might knows his apprentice cannot keep his streak up for long.

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