My Hero Academia Breaks Hearts With Emotional All Might Moment

My Hero Academia broke hearts with an emotional All Might moment in the newest chapter of the [...]

My Hero Academia broke hearts with an emotional All Might moment in the newest chapter of the series! Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series is continuing through its Final Act, and with it has seen Izuku Midoriya broken down by the burden of One For All. While he's continuing to press forward and better master his power, he's also trying to take it all on alone now that the previous chapter of the series saw him realize that All For One and Tomura Shigaraki will be going after him alone. This means he's also trying to distance himself from the other heroes.

Fighting without breaks or rest, this new Izuku has morphed far beyond the symbol of peace he once tried to emulate. Now this is going in a far more literal direction as the newest chapter of the series sees him completely tearing away from All Might in order to protect him, but because we see this from All Might's perspective, the chapter breaks hearts as All Might has to come to grips with the fact that he truly can't help Izuku in his time of need.

My Hero Academia Manga Spoilers All Might Izuku Heartbreaking Scene 317
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Chapter 317 of the series reveals that Izuku and the other pro heroes were able to escape from All For One's explosive booby trap in the previous cliffhanger, but while the heroes were regaining their footing after such a big event, Izuku has kept fighting and even already took down the second of All For One's mercenaries he sent to capture him. He's moving too fast for All Might to keep up with and support him, and we see the fallout of this in the chapter.

While Izuku grips with the fact that All For One has made him the prime target, and he remembers that All Might still has a gruesome death predicted for his future, he tells All Might that he no longer needs to help him. As he dashes away, All Might wants to tell him that he knows all about the burdens of One For All. He wants to tell Izuku that he can take a break, that it will be okay, but he fails to do so as he falls when he tries to chase after him.

As rain continues to fall, all All Might wants is to protect Izuku from this burden and from the current pain and loneliness he's feeling. He swore to protect and raise Izuku, so not only is he dealing with his feelings of failure as a mentor but he sees how Izuku is going down a terrible path that will only hurt him more the further he isolates himself. But what did you think of this All Might and Deku scene? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!