My Hero Academia Season 5 Drops Episode 102 Promo

My Hero Academia is done with its first arc of season five, but there is more to go before this comeback runs dry. As you can imagine, the season's second arc is ready to go live, and fans just got a first look at the ordeal. After all, episode 102 will kickstart the Endeavor Agency arc, and its promo is live for all to see.

Not long ago, My Hero Academia sent its promo for episode 102 to fans, and the clip is being eaten up online. Netizens were quick to analyze the video for all its worth, so you can check it out below for a go.

As you can see, the My Hero Academia clip begins with Izuku as he joins Shoto and Bakugo on an internship outing. The trio is determined to work with Endeavor for their next work-study, but the Number One hero is still shaky where his reputation is concerned. Endeavor is only interested in helping his son, but if he wants to work with Shoto, then Endeavor is going to have to play nice with all three boys.

The clip goes on to tease the arc's underbelly, and manga fans will be able to discern all those clues. The promo highlights Hawks at several points as he seems to confer with Dabi and some other mysterious villains. This doesn't look great for the hero as his allegiance is coming into question, but manga readers know the real deal here. After all, the Meta Liberation Army arc will wrap season five, so this set-up will be fun to watch.

If you are ready for this new episode, you will not have to wait long to watch it. My Hero Academia will debut episode 102 on June 26.


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