My Hero Academia Manga Offers Up a Big Pro Hero Update

When it comes to the My Hero Academia manga, fans know things have been wild for awhile now. The [...]

When it comes to the My Hero Academia manga, fans know things have been wild for awhile now. The series may be happy-go-lucky with its fifth season, but a dark shadow has crept over Izuku in the manga. With society falling apart, the boy is doing his best to keep pro heroes in the right, and a new update promises to make Izuku's goal attainable at last.

The moment came eat the start of My Hero Academia chapter 318. The latest issue checked in on Izuku as the boy continues to run himself ragged. Endeavor calls him out on that toxic behavior, and the Number One hero informs Izuku that foreign heroes will be entering Japan soon enough.

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"The official dispatch dates for the foreign heroes will be decided soon," Endeavor shares. "That means there will be a lot more personnel available to expand our operation."

This update is a major one given how society has crumbled following All For One's escape. The baddie has helped villains overtake much of Tokyo, and civilians are left to fend them off in camps or enter shelters. With so many Japanese heroes dead or retired, pro hero society has fallen to pieces. But with the arrival of new heroes, all that might finally change.

Izuku needs a moment to rest and recharge, full stop. Foreign heroes will not make the public see pros in a new light, but a larger army will give heroes more ammunition in battle. All the street-level villains will be better contained, and that gives Izuku time to go after the League as the organization pulls its strings. So once the calvary comes in, the manga's tone might shift with it.

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